How Kitchen Products and Wood Kitchen Cabinets Have Changed

Everything in the world evolves, from the cars we drive to the wood kitchen cabinets we use every day. We live in a digital age and technology progresses so fast that it’s easy to forget what was popular 10 years ago is completely obsolete now. We’re going to look back and see how things have changed for some of the most common kitchen appliances and cabinets.

Oven and Stove Top

In the early days, a wood burning stove was not only the primary way to cook, but also to heat a room. With the advent of electricity, wood stoves were replaced with conductive metal coils that heated when exposed to electrical current. The benefit of this was better control of temperature, but the heating coils could be red hot and cause severe burns.

Gas stoves use actual flame, so there is also the risk of burning. This problem was solved with induction stove tops. Instead of thermal heating, induction stove tops use magnetic induction to heat items. The biggest advantage is the actual stove top doesn’t get very hot. The magnetic induction heats the pan or pot directly.


The earliest refrigerators were simple rooms cut into the ground that stayed a constant temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Iceboxes were simply appliances that housed a large block of ice that kept the food cold.

With the advance of electrical refrigerators, little has changed. Refrigerators have gotten larger, but the mechanism that cools them hasn’t changed much. What has changed is connectivity. Today’s modern refrigerators can connect to the Internet so you can watch movies, do your to-do list and more, directly from the refrigerator. Some even have cameras on the inside so you can see what’s inside your fridge without even opening it.

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

The biggest changes that have come to RTA kitchen cabinets are the materials they are made from. In the distant past, all cabinets were made from wood or metal, but as technology advanced, other materials were created that decreased the cost. Wood is still the best and most durable, but other materials such as pressboard and plywood can save you money and still provide great looking stock kitchen cabinets.

If you want to learn more about kitchen cabinets, then check out our free cabinet guide. It has everything you need to know to start the cabinet buying process.

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