Ways to Save Money on a New Kitchen RTA Cabinets

When you need a new kitchen, let’s face it, it’s going to be expensive no matter which way you go.  You can, though, save yourself loads of money by going with a do-it-yourself solution and by following a few other tips.  Your kitchen won’t be as expensive as you thought it was going to be originally, and you will have something that will really stand out!

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

DIY is the new buzzword, and the kitchen is no exception.  Being able to cut out the middleman and the installation are pretty large cost savings, especially when it comes to something like kitchen cabinets.  Choosing to go with RTA kitchen cabinets can save you a bundle over the cost of a custom job or buying them in a brick and mortar store, and you can increase those savings by installing the cabinets yourself!

The whole point of RTA kitchen cabinets is that they are simple to put together, sturdy as heck, and look great, all at a low price point.  They are meant for the average person to be able to install them without a lot of technical expertise.  

Look for Sales to Get Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets

Just because the prices are low, doesn’t mean that things don’t go on sale!  Multiple times per year, for example, RTA Cabinet Store runs sales, and we nearly always have a few styles on promotion.  This means that you can get already low priced cabinets at a significant percentage off, sometimes 20%—sometimes more!  Which goes to show you that sometimes, good things come to those who wait!

Check back periodically if you really want that one type of kitchen, but it’s out of your price range right now.  When one of the great sales comes back around, that final number could be squarely within your budget!

Accessories, Like Rev-A-Shelf

One thing that many people we talk to do is get some great accessories for their RTA kitchen cabinets with the money they saved off of their initial budget.  With things such as the Rev-A-Shelf series and soft close dampers for doors and drawers, that great kitchen you install can become downright luxurious.  Just remember though, while it’s easy to decide which style of cabinet you like best, it’s not so easy to design a whole kitchen based on that design. RTA Cabinet Store has expertly trained designers on staff and ready to help! Sign up now to get your free, no obligation design consultation.

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