When to Splurge in the Kitchen

budgetYou’re ready to remodel your kitchen, but you realize that there is so much more that you want to do than your budget will allow. There are many ways you can save money on your kitchen remodel so you can spend more money where you want to.

Save Money on the Cabinets

Let’s say you are just dying to have this chic, modern stove, but you can’t afford it because you need to replace your cabinets also. The secret is that you probably can afford to buy the stove. Why? Because the most costly part of a kitchen remodel is replacing your cabinets. You can cut the costs of replacing your cabinets in half by simply buying them in a ready-to-assemble (RTA) format. Most people can save up to a few hundred, or even a thousand dollars. RTA cabinets are cheap cabinets that come shipped flat in a box.

The reason why they are so cheap is because you do the assembly and installation yourself. It’s very easy and it does not require a professional to do. By saving money this way, you can buy that new stove, or you can get high quality wood that would normally cost far more. This is a great way to get cheap cabinets and free up more money to do other things. In addition to buying RTA cabinets, you can also buy unfinished cabinets and finish them yourself.

Where to Spend the Rest of the Money

Many renovation specialists consider the countertops to be a place to spend more money. For example, uba tuba granite is a tough, but beautiful, choice that will last as long as you own your home. However, if you want to save money on your countertop, there are laminates that mimic stone like uba tuba granite. You can also save money by using stone as a statement piece on your kitchen island with seating, but not all the counters.

Another place to spend money is on a quality stone floor. It’s very chic and it will last a long time. To save money, you can choose a porcelain tile that mimics stone. Deco pieces like glass tile backsplashes are another place to spend your money that will make your kitchen look beautiful.

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