Navigating the World of “Cheap” Kitchen Cabinets

geneva-cabinetry-3Sometimes you are constrained in your purchases based upon the budget you have available.  Many people don’t know the current state of the kitchen cabinet world as it stands today, because cabinets are obviously not a purchase one makes every day.  When delving into the wide world of cabinets, the less expensive does not always mean low quality or terrible looks.  Read on to learn some of the ways to make sure you get quality and visual appeal when choosing your “cheap” cabinets.

“Cheap” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Cheap

Today, when someone mentions cheap, it almost automatically signifies low quality.  Most people believe there is a straight one-to-one ratio between cost and looks or quality of a product.  Especially in the world of kitchen cabinets, this is no longer true.

The advent of RTA cabinets has destroyed this ratio, combining cabinet quality and great looks for a low and reasonable amount of money.  For example, many of the offerings at RTA Cabinet Store are of top-shelf quality, but at low cabinet prices, and this time, by cheap we mean how people usually think of the word.

The Difference Between Cabinets

The problem is that many cabinets look very good.  With much more advanced manufacturing processes available today than were before, laminates and veneers on cabinets can look fantastic, but can be covering a Trojan horse of problems.  Make sure that when looking at less expensive offerings, you are very careful in your research.

One big thing to look out for is the substrate of the cabinets.  Is it made from particle board or plywood, and what is the thickness?  If shelves and interior walls are ½ inch instead of ¾, you are most likely looking at a low quality offering.  Plywood is always better than particle board, and if you find a less expensive cabinet with real wood, it is most likely a great bargain.  The lower quality cabinets, though, will begin to sag over time, get water damaged easily, and generally warp out of shape long before they should.

Separating the Nuggets from the Dross

The best thing to do is research who are the respected retailers and leaders in the field.  Today, the best prices will be found on the internet, due to the fact that all of the extra expenses of running a physical brick and mortar store will not be factored into the price of the products.  We suggest RTA cabinets, 100 percent.  It is the best type of offering, with the availability of super quality for a very low price.

One site might have dirt cheap cabinets, but looking closely, they most likely have high shipping charges, a terrible restock percentage, and little to no support.  On the other hand, a site which is reputable will automatically filter out any lower quality offerings and have great support available to the customer to help them choose the kitchen which is right for them.  They will most likely also have great prices, as they will have a much higher turnover than other sites and can make their profit based upon quantity of sales.  These sites usually have great shipping rates and return rates too.  With just a little bit of research and reading, you can make sure that you can find great quality, cheap cabinets.

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