RTA Kitchen Cabinets Warranty

How many times have you had to use the warranty on a product?  For most of us, the answer is not very many, yet we are all glad, and at times grateful, for that safety net that comes with our purchase.  When buying RTA kitchen cabinets, having a good warranty can make all the difference, not only in guaranteeing your purchase, but also in providing a sense of security with the retailer before you have ever spent a dime.

A Good Example

RTA Cabinet Store prides itself on its products, and their quality.  We rarely have anyone that needs to invoke their warranty, though it does happen every now and again.  We are so confident in our RTA cabinet lines that we give one of the best warranties of any online retailer out there.

Many places have somewhere between an 18 and 36-month warranty, which is very limited.  Ours, on the other hand, is a full 60 months, or 5 years.  We guarantee that if any product we have sold fails due to any sort of defect that arises from normal use, we will repair or replace it.  Check out our warranty.

It Doesn’t Cover Everything?

Well, it covers everything within reason.  If the cabinets fail due to misuse or abuse (think party night and power tools), then no, that’s probably not going to fall under the terms of the warranty.  But if it breaks while using your kitchen for its intended purpose?  We then stand by our products.

What About Color Changes?

It’s a commonly asked question, and rightfully so.  Aging and color changes are natural for finished wood products due to light exposure and other elements such as oxygen, heat, and moisture, among others.  This is not covered, and would not be for any natural wood product, as it is a natural part of the wood aging process.  Of course, the products we sell are extremely resistant to all of these things due to the high build quality we require before we sell a product line.

Just make sure that you avoid getting ripped off, making mistakes, and losing money when you buy your kitchen cabinets. And make sure to check out the warranty!  The information you need is in The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets; just click the link to download your free copy!

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