Getting the Most Out of Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets

People spend a long time picking out and researching RTA kitchen cabinets and it’s an investment that lasts years. You want to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets, but what exactly does that mean? It means having them look great and last as long as possible before getting a new set. Kitchen cabinets can last a decade or more before needing to be replaced. We have some great tips for you on how to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets.

Install Them Properly

White kitchen cabinets come ready to assemble, but it’s important that they’re not only assembled, but installed properly. It can take a long time to install cabinets and it’s easy to cut corners to get things done quicker, but through the years that’ll lead to problems.

If you put screws in the wrong place or don’t install cabinets straight, the weight from dishes and other items will put strain on those areas. It can lead to problems with the cabinets including breaking apart. The same goes for drawers. Improperly installed drawers can refuse to open, or stick as the years roll on. If you take a little extra time in the beginning, then it can lead to extra time at the end.

Keep Them Clean

Everyone takes the time to wipe down countertops, but when was the last time you really did a good cleaning of your cabinets. The most a person usually does for their inexpensive kitchen cabinets is dust them every now and then, but taking proper care of your cabinets can extend their life.

It’s important not to use any strong cleaners or abrasive instruments, as that can break down or wear down the paint or finish. Once that protective layer is gone, it’s easy for the cabinet to become damaged by water or humidity. Instead, simply use warm water and soap to clean cabinets and make sure to wipe them down with a dry cloth when you’re done. Abrasive instruments can also scratch the cabinets, creating an eyesore.

Limit Damage with Accessories

People often forget that there are accessories available for cabinets and drawers that make organizing easier. It’s a sad fact that many people simply toss pots and pans, silverware and other items into their cabinets without a thought. You can be damaging the cabinets, creating nicks and gouges without even knowing it. You don’t have to stack pots and pans precariously inside cabinets, either. Instead, keep them separated using various accessories. Small damage to the cabinets can lead to bigger damage over time and separating items is more organized.
Your journey to new cabinets begins with our free RTA cabinet guide. Take a look and contact us if you’re interested in learning more about RTA cabinets and accessories.

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