Does the Color of New Kitchen Cabinets Matter?

When you plan for new kitchen cabinets, you’re looking to maximize storage and have something that goes with your existing décor. You may think the color doesn’t really matter as long as it matches your country theme or your modern theme. Colorful cabinets are a great focal point for your kitchen. Instead of thinking of the cabinets as an additive, think of them as the design piece for the kitchen. Maybe it’s time to spice things up and design your kitchen around the cabinets?


Black is classic color that is mysterious and is perfect for modern décor. If your kitchen is made with sharp lines and contrasts, then black kitchen cabinets and white walls can be striking. The combination of black and white is classic and very urban.

If you want to bring in a little sophistication and harken back to the past for a vintage look, then pair the color with gold. Imagine black cabinets with gold accents throughout the room, contrasted against a white countertop. It’s like something out of Old Hollywood and a beautiful place to visit every day for meal preparation. You’ll look forward to it.


Red is the color of passion and excitement, but at the same time it can mean anger. The color red runs the spectrum of emotions and goes well with many motifs. Red is a great accent color. If the cabinets take up a large section of wall space, then it can act as an accent wall for the kitchen. If you’re using it in a contemporary design then outfit the rest of the room with neutral colors. This keeps the room from looking too busy.

Modern décor includes sharp colors like burgundy or even red with brown undertones. When it comes to traditional décor, red is generally avoided unless you’re looking for a barn type look. Every barn needs red.

Wood Grain

There is something so beautiful about natural wood grain cabinets that make every kitchen look like a rustic log cabin. Whether it’s the deep color of cherry or the brownish hint of oak, wood grain kitchen cabinets are highly sought after. The best looking are solid wood cabinets that use the wood’s natural tones. They are perfect for any traditional, rustic or country kitchen. Stay away from modern and urban decors, as the grains don’t fit in well. If you want to lower the cost, but still get the wood grain look, then you can purchase kitchen cabinets that have paneling or wood veneer on them. The biggest hazard of that is the veneer may begin to peel after a few years.

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