Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Series, Part 1

No matter how awesome your kitchen is, after a while, many people feel the need to make a change.  Especially when you are talking about a kitchen that is made with RTA kitchen cabinets.  Their stability and toughness means that the chances of you getting a bit bored with the look over time far outweigh the chance of them wearing down.  Never fear though, as this new series of posts here at RTA Cabinet Store will explore many options on how to give your kitchen, and your kitchen cabinets, a makeover.

Start Small to Save Money

A kitchen cabinet makeover doesn’t have to be something huge.  It can be as simple as changing the door and drawer hardware in your kitchen.  Just the handles and knobs being different can make a huge impact in how your kitchen looks.  

One great thing about changing the pull hardware is that the old hardware doesn’t need to be tossed.  You can keep it and swap it back in whenever you want to keep a fresh look.  We have a number of clients that have five or six sets of hardware, and change them a number of times a year.  This keeps a continual changed look in their kitchens, and most say it cuts out the feeling of needing a new kitchen entirely.  Most also have kitchen accessories such as napkin holders, candle holders, picture frames, etc., that match the different sets of pull hardware.

Keep It Clean!

Most likely, while you clean your cabinets well, they will get a bit grimy over time.  You may not even notice it, as the process is gradual.  It’s a good idea to give your cabinets a thorough cleaning when you have removed all your pull hardware, allowing you to clean in normally less accessible spaces.  If you want to check out what your kitchen would look like with updated hardware,’s free online design tool will help! You can get a great idea of just how much it will change things!  Get started here.

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