What Type of Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors Should I Buy?

We talked before about how doors can transform the look of a kitchen and that is even truer with kitchen cabinet glass doors. They provide a striking and elegant tone that you don’t get with other door types. The doors come in three distinct types: clear, frosted and textured. Each one has a style all its own and fits in with numerous decors, but which of those types is right for your new kitchen cabinets?

Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Clear Glass Doors

The most common and widely used glass door is a simple clear glass. It goes with everything and provides a full and unobstructed view of your dishes and other items. That’s also its biggest problem. If you have gorgeous dishes that are hardly ever used and look more like art pieces than dinnerware, then clear glass doors are for you.

If not, then you might want to consider something a little more concealing. No wants to see six months of dust piled onto your plates or that a friendly spider has set up residence. If you choose a clear glass door, then make sure it’s tempered to stave off breaking. The last thing you want to clean up is broken glass from your cabinet doors. Don’t forget to keep glass cleaner handy to clean them about once a week.

Frosted Glass Is Perfect for DIY Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for a modern look without people seeing your dishes, then try frosted glass. Frosted glass is blasted with sand until it takes on a frosted, opaque look. You still get the elegance of glass doors, but you can keep unmatched plates and glasses in a cabinet without fear of being seen. Frosted glass can also have intricate designs etched into it for even more of an artistic and creative feel. Keep in mind that not all frosted glass is treated equal. Since the process of frosting uses sand blasting, some frosted glass will be more opaque than others.

Textured Glass for Timeless Kitchen Cabinets

Textured glass is different than frosted. Textured glass is molded or embossed to create bumps and ridges that wouldn’t normally be there, such as beveling. There are many different types of textures available, so you have many different styles to choose from. The biggest benefit is the unique appearance, but it also helps obscure what’s on the inside. You can keep your potato chips hidden in secret and still have great looking cabinets. Your biggest worry is dated patterns. Cabinet designs fall in and out of popularity and there’s no going back. So, make sure you pick a design that works for you.

If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen cabinets, then check out our design tool and take a look at what the cabinets would look like in your kitchen.

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